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  • Brandon MacMurray

New Oscar Qualifying Festivals

This years list of qualifying festivals for the 96th Academy Awards is out. Overall, six new festivals were added, presenting new opportunities for shorts to qualify, while several other festivals also received extra qualifying awards. Congrats to all the new festivals included!

New Qualifying Festivals + Awards:

Drama International Short Film Festival (Greece)

Golden Dionysus - National Competition

Grand Prix - International Competition

Durban International Film Festival (South Africa)

Best Short Film

Fest Anča International Animation Festival (Slovakia)

Best Animated Short

Best Slovak Animated Short

Kaboom Animation Festival (The Netherlands)

Best Short Film

Best Dutch Short Film

Manchester Animation Festival (U.K.)

Best Short Film

Tasveer South Asian Film Festival (Seattle, USA)

Best Short FIlm

New qualifying awards give to existing festivals:

Académie Des Arts Et Techniques Du Cinéma [César] (France)

Best Documentary Short Film

Edmonton International Film Festival (Canada)

Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Short

Hollyshorts Film Festival (California, USA)

Best Short Documentary

Oberhausen International Short Film Festival (Germany)

Grand Prize of the German Competition

Santa Barbara International Film Festival (California, USA)

Best Documentary Short Film Award

Winterthur International Short Film Festival (Switzerland)

Promotional Award - International Competition



The short end of the stick: The inferior part, the worse side of an unequal deal

When it comes to cinema and the Oscars it always feels like short films and getting the short end of the stick. Lack of coverage, lack of predictions from experts and an afterthought in the conversation. With this site we hope to change that, highlighting shorts that stick with you, predictions, and news on what is happening in the world of shorts. 

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