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Indy Shorts International Film Festival 2023 Winners

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Indy Shorts International Film Festival is wrapping up today and it has announced all of its 2023 winners, including its three Oscar-qualifying awards. As some of the very best short films compete at this festival, you may remember last years Oscar nominee Stranger at the Gate qualified here by winning their documentary award. Animated winner Black Slide also went on to making the shortlist. Only time will tell if it's the launching pad for any of these shorts on the way to the 96th Academy Awards. Here are the winners:

Grand Prize for Narrative Short (Academy Award-Qualifying) We Were Meant To, Directed by Tari Wariebi

Fresh off a win at Palm Springs Shortfest for the Young Cineastes Award, We Were Meant To has kept its momentum going with winning its qualifying award. We Were Meant To tells the story of a world where Black men have wings and their first flight is a rite of passage. Akil must defy fears, insecurities, and societal barriers while discovering his perfect launch into manhood. ​Grand Prize for Documentary Short (Academy Award-Qualifying) Oasis, Directed by Justine Martin

Not a stranger to ShortStick, Oasis made our list of 10 early favourites to win the documentary short Oscar. After winning at Riverrun Film Festival, it now has its second qualifying award on its resume going into the final 2 months of qualifying. Grand Prize for Animated Short (Academy Award-Qualifying) Rosemary A.D. (After Dad), Directed by Ethan Barrett

Rosemary A.D. (After Dad) has continued to steamroll its way through the festival circuit this year racking up its fourth qualifying award (Austin Film Festival, Cairo Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival and now Indy Shorts). Summer White Lynch Memorial Grand Prize Nothing, Except Everything., Directed by Wesley Wang

Jenni Berebitsky Legacy Award The Barber of Little Rock, Directed by John Hoffman and Christine Turner Richard D. Propes Social Impact Award Deciding Vote, Directed by Jeremy Workman and Robert Lyons Indiana Spotlight Award Love, Grandma, Directed by Matt Spear Horror Award Sleep Study, Directed by Natalie Metzger Comedy Award They Grow Up So Fast, Directed by John F. Beach

Best Directorial Debut Shadow Brother Sunday, Directed by Alden Ehrenreich Shine Global Spotlight: Children's Resilience Short Film Competition

Ayenda, Directed by Marie Margolis



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