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Three Directors from this years Documentary Shortlist with New Features in 2024

We thought we would change things up a bit here at ShortStick and mention some feature length films. This past years documentary shorts shortlist was extremely impressive and three of the directors from the list have features out, or coming out in the near future. We highly recommend that you check out both their features and shorts! 

1) Kevin Macdonald

Short Film: Last Song From Kabul

Feature Length: High & Low: John Galliano

Kevin Macdonald’s short Last Song from Kabul tells the story of a music school for orphaned girls that was closed after the Taliban took over in Afghanistan as the students try to escape to Portugal to rebuild their lives and to play music once more. Last Song from Kabul which debuted at Telluride, was also selected to play at the DOC NYC festival and is now steaming on Paramount+. Where Last Song of Kabul shows the rise and fall of Afghanistan during the Taliban takeover, Kevin’s latest feature High & Low: John Galliano tells of the rise and fall of fashion designer John Galliano. High & Low does a few things that I love in documentaries. One being, that it taught me about a person or topic I was unfamiliar with and told me why it was important in that circle. Through the use of interviews and archival material it also gives opinions on John from a variety of sources throughout the span of his life. Another is, it gives both positive opinions on the subject and negative dissenting ones. This allows the viewer to adequately come to their own conclusions on the person John was. Kevin Macdonald does an excellent job on not letting his presence or any personal opinions he might have be felt, empowering the viewer to take in John Galliano, the fun, the flaws and all and make their own decision about who he is. Check your local movie listings as High & Low hits theatres in many countries this weekend, including Canada, US and UK. 

2) Jeremy Workman

Short Film: Deciding Vote

Feature: Secret Mall Apartment

It’s no secret that Deciding Vote was one of our favourite documentary shorts of last year. It was disappointing not to see it make the final Oscar nominations given the important message that couldn’t be more timely. Jeremy is back this year with a feature length documentary that premiered last week at SXSW to a lot of buzz and six completely sold out screenings. Secret Mall Apartment tells the story of eight Rhode Islanders who create a secret apartment inside the busy Providence Place Mall and live in it for four years, filming everything along the way. Honestly, this documentary sounds like a wild story and a fun ride. We can’t wait to see the story it has to tell. Stay tuned for more details of its upcoming release. 

3) Sean Wang

Short: Nai Nai and Wai Po

Feature: Didi

Nai Nai and Wai Po brought us two of the most charming and fun grandmas to ever been put on screen. It was a joy getting to see them on the awards trail with the short film, reading out letterboxd reviews and strolling the red carpet. Sean took his newest feature Didi to Sundance in January and it has by far been one of my favourite things I have seen this year. Didi is going to hit extra hard for those born in the mid 80s to mid 90s range with nostalgic vibes in every scene that makes you remember all the best and most awkward parts of growing up. Keep an eye out for this film as Focus Features has announced it will release in theatres in July. 



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