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  • Brandon MacMurray

Il Fait Beau (The Weather Is Nice) Review

“Everyone’s trying their best with what they’re given I think. And that’s a good thing. Right?”

Il Fait Beau (The Weather is Nice) tells the story of Jean, a man who has recently moved to Amsterdam. Jean stares out the window of his apartment, listening to a voicemail from his mom, who with a loving push encourages him to “live, love and lose your head once in a while.”

As the short continues, you can feel the isolation Jean feels being in this new home, desperately craving the warmth of company as he peers through the window of a bar.

Isolation is a feeling familiar to most, whether it be starting fresh and moving to a new city, starting out at a new school, or as of most recently, being torn away from loved ones and friends by a pandemic. The direction and writing of Leonardo Cariglino and acting of Michael Muller do an incredible job of making the viewer feel this sentiment of longing for connection, whilst having little to no dialogue to lean on.

It is in these moments of isolation where those around you become the most noticeable. A glance of someone in a window, a passerby on the sidewalk, or in Jean’s case, this becomes most apparent when he spots a girl, Sara, working to fill shelves of fast food at the neon-lit FEBO snack bar.

As the suspension builds, Jean seems to gain confidence with every snack he buys from the dispensary, leaving the viewer rooting for an eventual meaningful interaction between our two characters.

From the windows of an Amsterdam apartment to the windows of snack bar dispensary, a twist and turn leads to a full circle outcome - one that leaves you with hope that our main character will find happiness.

Il Fait Beau was an official selection for Tribeca Film Festival, LA Shorts and most recently played Hollyshorts Film Festival.



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